Transform your living room into home theater

Home theater in your house not only works as a substitute for going out to enjoy movies, but can transform everyday TV viewing into a luxurious experience. 99acres shares simple ways in which you can transform your living room into a home theater.

For the cinephiles, enjoying the experience of a movie theater at home is like a dream come true. It is an amazing way to spend time with your family instead of going out and spending money on movie tickets coupled with food and snacks. Strategically planning the home theater requires research on design, light, seating and sound.

Let us have a look at some of the ways that can help you transform your living room into a home theater.

Choose the right seating

With a plethora of options available in the market, a cozy couch or sofa is one of the perfect choices when it comes to planning your home theater. Moreover, you can also go for theater recliners. While selecting the home theater sofa, try to go for the ones that are appropriate according to the available space in your home. Before purchasing, note down the dimensions of your living room to understand how you will accommodate them. Another important aspect of the home theater furniture is the right placement. Experts usually recommend a minimum viewing distance of two to three widths between the sofa and the television.

Focus on the screen

Movie screens should be prioritized first when it comes to choosing the right furniture and equipment for your home theater. You can either go for a high-quality TV or simply a screen with a projector. The size of the screen entirely depends on the area of the living room. Avoid going for oversized screens if you have a limited living space as this might make your living area look small. The screen should be aesthetically pleasing and in accord with the furniture. According to Aalok Bhasin, Delhi-based architect and interior designer, “There should be a minimum viewing distance between the furniture and the screen to avoid eye strain and fatigue. However, the appropriate position for viewing and listening entirely depends on the size of the screen and the sound system you use.”

The sound matters

A home theater is incomplete without the right sound quality. But remember that apart from the speakers, your television should also have excellent built-in speakers. The positioning of sound system speakers must be in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines. You can either go for bookshelf-sized speakers else floor standing speaker is also a good option to opt for when it comes to selecting the right sound system. If you are an active listener, a pair of floor standing speakers can be a good option as they deliver the best sound quality without occupying much space. On the contrary, if you are a casual music listener or you watch movies occasionally, then you can probably go for a sound bar. Apart from these, there are several other options available in the market depending on the price and the quality.


Apart from the speakers and television or projectors, there are other components that are equally essential when you plan to design your own movie theater. For instance, your home theater accessories might come with a separate remote control but to simplify it, you can have a universal remote control that can be replaced with other electronics remote. Moreover, you can also go for High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) cable, that transmits HD sound and video quality. You can connect this cable to your HDTV, disc player and other equipment, “Surge protectors should be used as they safeguard your theater electronics against unexpected voltage fluctuations. Furthermore, to make it more interesting you can also incorporate a mini bar fridge or a wireless headphone as per your need,” adds Bhasin.


The use of right type of light has a direct impact on the quality of the home theater video. The type of lights you use should help exhibit the theater ambience so that you can get the real movie experience while sitting at home. Moreover, lights also help to set the right mood and keeps the viewer intact while watching the movie. Make sure the electrical installations are handled well by a professional to avoid any mishap. Also, ensure that the surrounding windows have adequate curtains and blinds to prevent any light from coming in.

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